One Busker’s vision of success

Eric Pyle has been busking for 10 years and believes success is not what you have; it’s what you give back to the community.

This documentary was produced for MTS Stories From Home. Directed, filmed, and edited by Amy Simoes and Kim Leduc.




Dramatic short about the life differences between two female roommates.


Schedule Violence (Trailer)


It takes a different kind of person to step inside a locked cage and compete in an MMA fight. It takes a very rare person to have done it 64 times. Winnipeg’s own Joe “El Dirte” Doerksen, holds the distinction of having the most MMA fights in Canada, having started his career in 1999 before UFC and mixed martial arts was a global phenomenon. Finding early success, he earned his first 17 wins via submission. He’s gone undefeated in the fighting hotbed of Japan, and has fought for the largest MMA organization – The UFC — 9 separate times. At age 34, having recently been cut from the UFC, Joe is considering retirement. In a sport where fighters are only “as good as their last fight”, he must decide if he can make another run in a sport that is famous for breaking people physically and mentally.

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